Code of Conduct

General Safety Rules

No jewelry except stud earrings will be allowed

No loose or baggy clothing

Long hair must be pulled back into a ponytail

Children must wait in the viewing area unless in class

Participants must wait with their parents until called onto the floor by their coach

After dismissal from class, no one is allowed on the equipment

Please remember to bring a water bottle, we have a Culligan water cooler if you need to refill.

No food in the gym – snacks must be eaten in the viewing area.

Gymnasticks Class Rules

Always stay with your coach

Use your “inside voice” – no yelling, please!

Do not leave your class for any reason without your coach’s permission.

Gymnasts must keep their hands, feet and bodies to themselves

Never use any equipment unless your coach instructs you to do so

Only one person at a time on equipment

Always land on your feet unless instructed to do otherwise

Keep a safe distance from others in the class

Do not walk under equipment while someone else is using it.

Do not climb or hang on legs of bear or bar cables

Only use the equipment as instructed by your coach

Follow your coach’s directions at all times

Trampoline Safety

Jump in the middle of the Trampoline

Only one person at a time

Always walk across to the middle and walk back to the edge

Never go under the trampoline

Do not jump off the trampoline

Always put both feet on the same surface

End decks are for safety only!